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Enamel Shaping

Enamel shaping is a quick, easy and economic way to correct many minor irregularities in the shape or texture of teeth. It may be used to correct the look of misshapen, oversized, rough, crooked, chipped or overlapping teeth.

Tooth contouring can provide a solution to:

  • Exact uneven front teeth.
  • Accurate small chips or surface flaws.
  • Hone pointed canine teeth.
  • Shorten teeth that appear too long (usual problem with canines).
  • Right minor overcrowding problems.
  • Regulate teeth to create a smile that follows the contour of the lower lip.

During the enamel shaping treatment, a sanding disk or fine diamond burs is used to remove small amounts of tooth enamel, where needed. When there are imperfections between teeth, he or she may use strips of sandpaper to shape and smooth the sides.

Once the teeth are reshaped properly, the dentist will polish the teeth. As the dental recontouring involve only the enamel without affecting the living part of the tooth (dental pulp), it usually can be done without anesthetic.

The procedure is fast and without pain, it can be usually completed in only one appointment and the results can be seen immediately.


  • Tooth recontouring is not a substitute for dental veneers or tooth bonding.
  • X-rays are usually needed to get this information. If the tooth has a relatively thin layer of enamel, or if the dental pulp is too close to the surface, tooth recontouring may not be possible.
  • When tooth imperfections can't be eliminated only with recontouring, your dentist may combine the treatment with dental bonding or veneers. This allows for the teeth to be perfectly reshaped and achieve a flawless surface appearance.


  • The enamel loss during teeth shaping is permanent and irreversible, so the dentist must have carefully discuss the effects of the re-contouring with the patient before the treatment. If the enamel shaping procedure is planned and performed properly, you should not expect any complications.
  • Although enamel shaping is a relatively simple procedure, tooth contouring performed by an experienced cosmetic dentist may provide a significant improvement in the look of your smile.

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