Is a nonvital technique used for the removal of necrotic pulp tissue or necrotic pulp tissue removed followed by filling the root canals with resorbable cement.

Primary Tooth Pulpectomy Treatment Objectives

  • Infectionless tooth maintained.
  • Biomechanically clean and close the root canals.
  • Physiologic root resorption promoted.
  • Space for the erupting permanent tooth held.

Contraindications for Primary Tooth Pulpectomy

  • Nonrestorable crowns.
  • Periradicular involvement extending to the primee tooth bud.
  • Pathologic resorption of at least one-third of the root with fistulous sinus tract.
  • Internal resorption in excess.
  • Extensive pulp floor opening into bifurcation.
  • Underlying dentigerous or follicular cysts.

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