Get Rid Of Tooth Grinding Problems

Tooth grinding is medically termed as Bruxism. People sometimes grind their teeth without any reason or generating any symptoms. There are many who do have a practice of grinding their teeth subconsciously or while in sleep. Tooth grinding may be due to some stress or anxiety.


Rather than grinding the tooth, people normally clench their teeth. Regular and persistent tooth grinding can cause you discomfort, jaw pain and wear down your teeth. This may even lead to severe headache and earache.

Causes of Tooth grinding:

The real cause of tooth grinding is still not clearly found. But studies say that anxiety, stress and sleep disorder can cause tooth grinding or clenching of teeth. About 70% of sleep bruxism are caused by mental or psychological problems. Increased levels of work stress can adversely affect your proper sleep and can trigger episodes of tooth grinding.

Symptoms of Tooth grinding:

  • Loud noise due to teeth grinding or clenching
  • Teeth sometimes flattens, gets chipped or loose
  • Deeper layers of tooth gets exposed due to worn tooth enamel
  • Tooth sensitivity increases
  • Soreness
  • Jaw pain
  • Tired jaw muscles
  • Origination of dull headaches
  • Indentation on the tongue
  • Earaches even when you don’t have any problems with your ears
  • Damage inside of the cheeks

Treatment for Tooth grinding:

There are a number of treatments available for tooth grinding. If you found that you are suffering from the disorder of teeth grinding, you should consult your dentist as soon as possible. Your doctor will look deeply into the issue and give you the suitable measures for the same.


Treatments like, fixing and repairing the damages due to tooth grinding and providing the mouthguards that are wearable during night, so that they get worn out instead of your teeth. Other treatments available are;

  • Therapy for stress management
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Medications for muscle relaxation
  • Regular exercise
  • Behavioural therapies

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